Born from pure passion



Created in 2022 by French automotive photographer Loïc KERNEN, the WheelsOnWalls collection represents a lifelong dream of gathering in one online gallery the work of some of the best automotive photographers in the world, available as Fine Art prints.

All photographers represented on WheelsOnWalls are professional working artists with a pure passion for cars & photography.

Supporting artists

By giving back 60% of profits on each sale to the artist, we not only want to bring a bit of decency into the world of fine art selling, but hope to become a true support for our photographers.

Fine Art commitment

Artisanally crafted in our specialized Fine Art lab in the south of France, we carefully produce all prints following strict guidelines to respect the original Artist Proof #00.

Created for automotive lovers

Beyond the immense skills of our photographers, WheelsOnWalls also aims to showcase some of the most incredible vehicles on the planet. So whether you are a classic car nut or a modern hypercar fan, our selection of Fine Art prints surely has something for you.

Sharing a genuine passion

Whether we started “hunting” cars in the street with our first camera, going to the racetrack on weekends or taking our first point-and-shoot to car gatherings, car photography has brought together a vast community of talented photographers.

WheelsOnWalls is about showcasing the best of this shared passion through gorgeous Fine Art prints. See all Automotive Photography prints

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