Tom Kahler is a UK-based freelance photographer specializing in automotive, adventure, and lifestyle photography. He has enjoyed working on global campaigns with many leading brands worldwide. With the ability to shoot, direct, and produce large and small projects, he will bring your ideas to life in a creative and unique style.

Location: UK

A specialist in automotive photography, Loïc KERNEN travels the world for prestigious clients in search of iconic cars that have left their mark on automotive history. An all-consuming passion that began as a hobby, Loïc quickly found a style of shooting and retouching with a single aim: to share his love of the cars he comes across.

Location: France


Dominique Leroy is a photographer, author and director from Nîmes. A true photography enthusiast, he has made the Formula 1 paddocks his playground for over 25 years. A privileged witness to Ayrton Senna’s rise in the world of Formula 1, he photographed the Brazilian driver throughout his career.

Location: France

James Lipman is a specialized photographer in vehicles and transportation. His photography journey started on the features desk of a London daily newspaper, leading him to focus on car magazines. Renowned for crafting authentic images that seamlessly blend vehicles and people, James eventually made his mark in the United States, working with some of the world’s most prominent vehicle brands.

Location: Los Angeles, USA


It was during his youth that Vincent Martin discovered a common taste for fine art photography and automobiles. Initially an amateur photographer, he now collaborates within the CM Arte agency to share his passion for images with a wider audience. As a perfectionist, Vincent leaves nothing to chance in his work. Aesthetic exploration thus concentrates all his efforts and time.

Location: France

Brendan McKay is a photographer based in Venice, California. He shoots a diverse range of subjects for commercial and editorial clients, with a focus on narrative storytelling and an emphasis on a vintage aesthetic.

Location: Venice, USA


Jamey Price is a motorsport and automotive photographer from Charlotte, North Carolina whose motorsport work has taken him to more than 18 countries, and around most of the continental United States.

Location: NC, USA


Sarel van Staden

Sarel’s unique approach to automotive photography, focusing on innovative lighting techniques, has made his images highly coveted by renowned car brands, manufacturers, collectors, and enthusiasts worldwide.

Location: South Africa


Keno Zache is a German-based freelance photographer specializing in automotive photography. Born in 1991 and currently living in Minden, Keno’s portfolio reflects his passion for classic and modern sports cars.

Location: Germany